WIP (work in process)


Steps of pottery making:

  1. Throwing clay - wedging, centering / coning, creating shape
  2. Drying to leather hard
  3. Trimming greenware 
  4. Bisque firing in kiln
  5. Glaze bisque-ware 
  6. Glaze firing in kiln

Snapshot of me throwing a juicer

Freshly trimmed greenware - time for bisque-firing! 

Glazed bisque-ware  - ready for final firing!


Important message: 

If you requested a made-to-order item, thank you for your patience. Please remember that each piece requires a multi-step process that takes several weeks to months to complete. I am also a full time physician assistant, so here may be periods of busier times than others. However, I am excited to make special handmade ceramics for you and I devote to pottery as much as I can!